Etna, California / Etna Summit / Wild Horses

Etna, California: Etna is a small town an hour from the border of Oregon. It almost feels like a time machine there, so thats what i tried to high light. There was a lot of the color red, old style buildings and a ghost town feel. Hopefully that is what comes across in those photos.

Etna Summit: Etna Summit is the highest peak in the area, and a popular trailhead to start a backpacking trip due to the areas plethora of untouched lakes, and it being located right on the PCT (Pacific Crest Trail). So we drove up for a short bit and meandered amongst the trees.

Wild Horses: This day was wild, after the city, we took a dirt road around for a little bit, and it took us to a little rock formation and then to a couple wild horses! The horses were so friendly, but like horses scare me to death, have you seen how much muscle they have?? gnarly. Anywho these horses were so darn curious, they decided to go in my truck and snoop around, so rude haha. So we decided to try and ride them. and Cameron was successful. This day was so wild.

Film: Kodak Portra 400

Camera: Konica Hexar AF

JH Ranch

Film: Kodak Portra 400

Camera: Konica Hexar AF

There is a little bit of heat damage on this roll so thats why some of the scans look a little blue and lack of detail.

Road Trip Roll Part 2

    These are the keepers I got from my 2nd roll of my road trip. This leg of my trip was accompanied by my mom, so after I swooped her from the oakland airport we headed off to start our journey to Marin County, all the way up through Humboldt County, and ending in Redding, California. Enjoy.


Camera: Konica Hexar AF


Film: Kodak Portra 400

Road Trip Roll Part 1

I shot two rolls on my road trip up the coast to Etna, California; this is the first one.

First, I stopped at the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles to hang with my friend Sam, that place was literally littered with tourists (my favorite thing on this earth), and so finding photos opportunities alone was a rough. I couldn't help but play the La La Land soundtrack while up there, so fitting.

I was off on my way to Marin county, more specifically, Mount Tamalpais. We stopped by a beach on the way there, meandered around in the sand, and then headed for the hills. For those of you who have never been to this place, its straight out of a Lexus commercial. The kind folks at Bradley Mountain Bag Company gave me a bag for my summer so I decided to snap a couple pictures of my friend Jack while we were up there. This place was crawling with photographers, rightfully so, but for some reason it killed my drive to shoot the "pretty things." But altered my eye to look for the hidden beauty, not only take the road photos, but try to get some feeling. In the spirit of enjoying the moment we plopped down and enjoyed the last hour of the day. Sitting, relaxing, not hustling to take that next portrait of a pretty girl for likes/self-esteem, but hanging out with friends, and enjoying the beauty of nature. Enjoy.

Camera: Konica Hexar AF

Film: Kodak Portra 400


Coastal Communities

Recently I've been feeling compelled to shoot photos of things I don't usually. I grew up in San Diego, California so beach communities are all I know. Its funny how you can live in such a beautiful place but never feel inspired by it. Recently, I stumbled upon a photographer named Jake DeBruyckere, check his instagram out (@jaquib. He shoots various things, but the photos he's taken of Pismo beach communities are what inspired the photos shot on this roll. So I hope you enjoy it.

Shot on: Konica Hexar AF

Film: Kodak Portra 400 (metered at 200 ASA) 

Monochrome and super bloom

35mm kodak 400tx film shot with the Konica Hexar AF. 

Model: Sophia Ledbetter

This is the first roll of film I've ran through my new (to me) Konica Hexar AF. I so often feel as if my photos in particular can lose sight of feeling, and recently my awareness to this has been heightened. So as you go through this monochrome gallery, I hope you find something deeper than a pretty picture, something of substance, maybe its insight into my mind? maybe it just makes you uncomfortable, or maybe its nothing at all, and thats cool too. enjoy :).

Seaport Village

sights from an evening walk around the San Diego Harbor.

Shot using a Nikon d750 with a Sigma 35mm f1.4.