My New (old) Leica!

 I recently got my hands on a camera that I have lusted after since I started taking photos. The Leica M6 Classic 0.72x with a Carl Zeiss 35mm f/2.8 C Biogon ZM. Ive been seriously looking at buying this camera for around a year, so to finally get it feels weird. After using the camera a little bit I can say that I really do love the M6. Its quite simple, it really doesn't do anything outstanding (except be sexy and robust), but thats why its so great. The M6 does everything you need exceedingly well, its really everything you need to make great photos, nothing more. Its an all mechanical camera, with the exception of the light meter. Meaning that the M6 will function as a camera even if there is no battery to operate the light meter. 

So I've only run about a few rolls through it in the 2 week span I've had it, and I decided to tape the logos. Partly because I like the way the all black looks, but also partly because I like using the camera for the results, and feeling it gives me rather than the glamorous name it bears. Obviously taping the logos doesn't reaaaallly do anything, but I like it. haha you get the idea, its a crazy fun camera.

Leica M6