Film Log: Roll 8

Etna, California / Etna Summit / Wild Horses

Etna, California: Etna is a small town an hour from the border of Oregon. It almost feels like a time machine there, so thats what i tried to high light. There was a lot of the color red, old style buildings and a ghost town feel. Hopefully that is what comes across in those photos.

Etna Summit: Etna Summit is the highest peak in the area, and a popular trailhead to start a backpacking trip due to the areas plethora of untouched lakes, and it being located right on the PCT (Pacific Crest Trail). So we drove up for a short bit and meandered amongst the trees.

Wild Horses: This day was wild, after the city, we took a dirt road around for a little bit, and it took us to a little rock formation and then to a couple wild horses! The horses were so friendly, but like horses scare me to death, have you seen how much muscle they have?? gnarly. Anywho these horses were so darn curious, they decided to go in my truck and snoop around, so rude haha. So we decided to try and ride them. and Cameron was successful. This day was so wild.

Film: Kodak Portra 400

Camera: Konica Hexar AF